Getting Ready For DECA Competition

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What is a Role Play?

A “Role Play” is a DECA event in which individual(s) are given a real-life business scenario with objectives and have to create a presentation concerning the scenario. Individuals are given a ‘Case Study Situation’ along with ‘Performance Indicators’ to help guide their presentation and so the judges know what to look and grade for.

★ If you are a freshman or a first-year DECA student (not Fashion Merchandising or IB Business) you will most likely compete in a role play ★

ROLE PLAY REMIND: Text to 81010

Individual: @carrpi

Team: @carrpt

What event should I do? 

Come in during SRT to talk with your Role Play Heads about which event would best suit your strengths.

Descriptions of Role Plays

Click HERE, to learn about all the different types of role plays.

Competitive Event Roster

Sign up with an adviser in September or simply check your event by clicking HERE.

Role Play Event Resources

CCS Credentials required

Nothing prepares you for district and state better than PRACTICING your role plays with other Carmel DECA students who have been successful in the past. Come to the DECA room to meet your role play heads! 

In addition, you need to STUDY OLD CLUSTER EXAMS for your event and practice them to get ready for your exam, which counts as 1/3 of your score. All Cluster Exams can be found in the DECA room cabinets.

SRT Sessions

  • Click HERE, for the calendar listing each cluster’s SRT SESSIONS

  • You can get a SRT Pass outside F109 (DECA Room)

Competition Exam Blueprint

Click HERE, for the exam outline for each cluster exam.

These study guides will help you prepare for your exams at the district, state, and international competitions! There are four study guides that specifically address key performance indicators on the following cluster exams:

  • Marketing

  • Hospitality

  • Finance

  • Business Management (Principles)

★★ For exam practice, pick up an exam book from F109! ★★

The link includes an exam and a few role play practices for each event!

Carmel DECA is offering a new resource called Competition University! It is an useful online source with a variety of different tools that students can use to succeed at any event. This optional resource will cost an additional $10 and can be turned in with the Carmel DECA membership fee.


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Role Play Quizlets

Role Play Case studies

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