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Stock Market Game

What is it?

Virtual $100,000 to invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds

App: The Stock Market Game, Sifma Foundation

Important information

  • Please fill out this form first (Click HERE)

  • Mrs. Cardamon will create your team and provide you with login credentials!

    • 1 - 3 DECA students per team

  • Click this link to REGISTER

  • Guidelines —> be sure to follow ALL OF THE RULES in the competition; it’s easy to get disqualified if you’re not careful.

  • If you place TOP 25 in the region, you will automatically advance to ICDC!

Time Line of Competition

  • Last day to sign up ★ October 15, 2019

  • Compete September 3 —> December 13

Virtual Business Challenge  

★ Accounting ★

★ Fashion ★

★ Hotel Management ★

★ Personal Finance ★

★ Restaurant ★

★ Retail ★

★ Sports ★

What is it?

  • 24 Chances to qualify for ICDC playing a business video game

    • The Top 2 teams in each of 6 categories will advance to ICDC automatically from the Central Region.

    • There are two challenges that you can compete in: October and January

Important Information

  • REGISTER for the Virtual Business Challenge!

    • If you are on a TEAM of 2-3, you will each need a unique login name.

    • Create a "team" and drag each of your names into the team.

  • LOGIN to get started AFTER you have registered and been approved

Time line of competition

  • Sign up on October 8

  • Round begins October 22 and January 7

    ★ only 11 days to compete ★