January 11th at Carmel High School

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Role Play students hoping to qualify for International Competition in Nashville, TN this spring must start competing at the district level.  As of the 2016-2017 school year, Carmel DECA is officially its own district: District 5.   Up to 12 groups will compete at District in each category, and the TOP 6 in each category will advance to state.


District Preparation Resources

  • Primary Instructional Areas ( click HERE )

    • Primary Instructional Areas are the topics of each role play

  • SRT Sessions

    • Click HERE, for the calendar listing each cluster’s SRT SESSIONS

    • You can get a SRT Pass outside F109 (DECA Room)

  • Role Play Tab

    • Go to the Role Play tab for more resources

    • Quizlets, Study Guides, etc.


Because we have over 500 members, the District Competition will take place in two stages:

1.  District Exams during SRT:

  • Your district exam will count as 1/3 of your total district scores

  • Please report to the Main Cafeteria no later than 9:30!

  • Please pick up your pass in the week of November 26

  • Testing Dates 2019 / 2020: December 2nd and 6th

2.  District Role Play

  • Your role play score will count as 2/3 of your total district scores

  • More details are in the Important Information section below


Important Information:

What to wear?

  • Men Should Wear:

    • A business suit or a Blazer with Slacks (NOT khakis or cargos)

    • A long-sleeve dress shirt with a matching tie

    • Dress Shoes (no boat shoes)

    • Matching Dress Socks (don’t wear blue socks with black pants)

  • Women Should Wear:

    •  A Business Suit OR a Business Dress OR a Skirt (approaching knees) with a Blazer and Blouse

    •  If you choose a skirt / dress, wear hose or plain tights

    • Wear dress shoes that are comfortable (no 6 inch heels)

What to bring?

  • Wood #2 Pencils

  • Four Function Calculator

  • Watch (to keep track of time)

Where is it held?

  • Carmel High School: Greyhound and Business Rooms

When do I arrive?

  • EVERYONE should check in at Greyhound Station 10 minutes prior to their check-in time

  • Check your event time here!